77 Top Salesforce Questions (And Answers!)

77 Top Salesforce Questions (And Answers!)

 I got these questions from a list of top questions searched on the internet from Answer the Public. Each question could easily warrant it’s own discussion, but today I wanted to review



1.    Are Salesforce ids case sensitive?

Salesforce has two versions of the id for each record.  There is a 15-character id that is case sensitive and might have duplicate ids if treated as case insensitive.  There is also an 18-character version of the same id which appends 3 more letters to make in case insensitive.

The 18-character version can be displayed on a record using this formula in a formula field: CASESAFEID(Id)

2.    Are Salesforce certifications worth it?

That depends on your goals, but if you’re asking this question, the answer is most likely yes.  Salesforce certifications help:

-       Validate a skill set you already have

-       Fill in gaps your skill set might have

-       Negotiate a pay raise/get a new job

3.    Are Salesforce developers in demand?

Very much so.  Salesforce development is still a very niche subset of development and many companies are relying on custom development for their day to day operations.

4.    Are Salesforce internships paid?

They can be, but not necessarily.  It is common to volunteer with a non profit to gain experience as a new admin.  The job title, “Junior Administrator” is not that far off from a paid internship because there is usually a Senior admin to coach, train, and support the Junior Admin role.

5.    Are Salesforce emails encrypted?

Salesforce supports Transport Layer Security (TLS).  This does have dependencies on the email servers and might not meet compliance requirements.


6.    Are Salesforce ids sequential?

Yes, in a sense.  If you do a mass insert of new records, you will see their IDs are very similar incrementing either a letter or number.

7.    Are Salesforce webinars free?

There are a lot of great free webinars including one of my favorite, MVP office hours.


8.    Are Salesforce passwords encrypted?

Yes, passwords are encrypted and other fields can also be encrypted.

9.    Are Salesforce jobs remote?

There are many opportunities for working on Salesforce remotely depending on the employer’s/client’s policy.  It is also common to allow a certain number of work from home days ranging from one day a month to unlimited. 

10. Are Salesforce fields case sensitive?

This depends on the fields, but generally speaking yes, you’ll want to match the case when comparing ID’s or text fields. There is an 18 character version of all record IDs that is not case sensitive.

11. Salesforce are formula fields searchable?

No, global search will not search for custom formula fields.  An alternative is to create a report or list view with the search criteria. Another work around is to update a text field with the value from the formula using a workflow rule or process builder.

12. Salesforce are notes searchable?

You can search notes & files by name.  Salesforce does not index their contents for searching.

13. Who are Salesforce competitors?

Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP are some of the biggest competitor in the enterprise space.  So many other CRM products have entered the market that it’s hard to make a list.

14. What are Salesforce communities?

Salesforce communities are a limited access portal generally designed for users outside of the company.  Eg, reselling partners might manage deals they are working on, or customers might log support cases through a community.

15. What are Salesforce objects?

Salesforce objects are the “nouns” of the CRM and represent things such as companies, people, cases, contracts, or anything else you need to track.

In database terminology, an object is equivalent to a table.

16. Where are Salesforce data centers?

Salesforce data centers are located around the world and grouped by different regions.  As of the Dec 10, 2018 update, these are the locations Salesforce has listed:

-       Chicago, Illinois, United States (USA)

-       Dallas, Texas, United States (USA)

-       Frankfurt, Germany (GER)

-       Kobe, Japan (JPN)

-       London, United Kingdom (UK)

-       Paris, France (FRA)

-       Phoenix, Arizona, United States (USA)

-       Tokyo, Japan (JPN)

-       Washington, DC, United States (USA)


17. What are Salesforce campaigns?

Campaigns can help track each marketing initiative in detail. These can include typical advertisements and solicitations, emails, or more specialized marketing events like demos and conferences. By tracking leads and contacts targeted by each initiative, as well as their responses, the marketing manager, can tailor each campaign to the type of marketing effort it represents.

Marketers use campaigns to analyze how many leads they’re generating, how much pipeline they’re building, and how many deals they’re closing as a result of marketing efforts.


18. What are Salesforce accelerators?

Salesforce accelerators are 1:1 engagements with Salesforce focuses around learning more about a particular topic and applying it to your own environment.  They are more personal than trailhead because there are phone conversations and screenshares, but accelerators are not pro services, so Salesforce will not actually assist with implementation or configuration during an accelerator.  Pro services are available from Salesforce and from Salesforce partners outside of accelerators.

19. What are Salesforce products?

Salesforce Products are a standard object used to represent something your company sells.

20. What are Salesforce apps?

An app is a collection of objects/tabs in a single interface that work together to serve a particular business function. Some default apps include Sales and Service.


21. Can Salesforce track your location?

Yes, Salesforce does record the IP address of logins, which can be used to identify an approximate location. Salesforce provides standard apps such as Sales and Service.

You can also build your own on-demand apps by grouping items into new custom apps. A custom app consists of a label, a description, and an ordered list of items, which often includes tabs. You can also add custom logos and branding to your custom apps.


22. Can Salesforce send text messages?

Yes, but this does require an integration/add-on.  Here is a great example:


23. Can Salesforce be used for project management?

Yes, Salesforce built and uses this app for their own project management:


24. Can Salesforce integrate with outlook?

Yes, check out this trail to learn more: https://trailhead.salesforce.com/content/learn/modules/outlook_integration?trail_id=outlook_gmail_integration

25. Can Salesforce send mass emails?

Yes, depending on the Salesforce version, 250, 500, or 100 emails can be sent to leads or contacts at a time.

26. Can Salesforce track email opens?

Salesforce can track email opens for HTML emails sent from the lead object. Otherwise, tracking emails requires an add on package to track emails sent from Salesforce (versus Pardot or Marketing Cloud).  There are a lot of great options for tracking email engagement.

27. Can Salesforce see my data?

There is the option to grant access of your org to the Salesforce Support team when needed.  Otherwise, no, they cannot see your data or configuration.

28. Can Salesforce be customized?

Yes, the power of Salesforce lies in the ability to customize so much of the platform without using any code and adding custom code when needed.

29. Can Salesforce integrate with SharePoint?

Yes, although this will require some additional time to configure.  Here is an example by Algoworks for integrating files:


30. Can Salesforce be used for inventory management?

Yes, Salesforce has a standard object called “Asset” that is designed for this purpose.

31. Can Salesforce send emails?

Yes, users in Salesforce can send manual emails, mass email, and template emails.  Template emails can also be sent automatically as needed.

32. Can Salesforce sync with google calendar?

Yes, Salesforce events can sync with Google Calendar:


33. Can Salesforce record calls?

This would be an add on package usually included with outbound dialers.

34. Can Salesforce send surveys?

I have seen Salesforce use this third party app to send surveys.  It’s build directly into Salesforce and works well.  There are also a number of other options available.


35. Can Salesforce send automated emails?

Yes, automated emails will be based off of an email template that provides the format and working, and email alert that says where to send it, and either a process builder or workflow to trigger the email alert when certain conditions are met (such as an over due task).

36. Can Salesforce integrate with QuickBooks?

There are a number of options available on the AppExchange to sync with Salesforce:


37. Can Salesforce calculate commissions?

Absolutely, this will typically be calculated as a percentage of a closed opportunity amount for the associated sales rep.

38. Can Salesforce replace SAP?

Salesforce is focused on the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) needs and SAP is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).  While there is some overlap, there are also many differences.  The answer to this question would depend more specifically what functionality you are looking to replace.

39. Can Salesforce replace SharePoint?

It could, especially with the employee community, but they are also frequently used in conjunction since they were designed with different purposed in mind.


40. How Salesforce uses Salesforce

Check out this 20 minute video from Salesforce to answer this question:


41. How Salesforce started/was founded:

Founding journey shared by Mark Benioff here:


42. How Salesforce Einstein works

Here is the Salesforce Eienstein FAQ:


43. How Salesforce makes money

Salesforce charges for a variety of subscription based charges starting at $25/user/month going up to several hundred per user per month based on the edition and add ons.

44. How Salesforce grew

Here is a story of SFDC’s growth:


Salesforce has grown a lot both organically and through acquisitions.

45. How Salesforce manages projects with quip

Quip is focused on being simple, flexible, integrated, and mobile.

You can read more here: https://quip.com/solutions/team-project-management

46. How Salesforce sells

The Sales team at Salesforce is build on a complex matrix of company size, industry, product specialization, and more.  Roles include Account Executive, Sales Engineer, and Customer Success Manager.

Here is a Trailhead on the Salesforce way of Selling: https://trailhead.salesforce.com/en/content/learn/modules/isv_app_selling/isv_app_selling_selling

47. How Salesforce helps business

Salesforce help businesses through digitally transforming and connecting all aspects of business including customer relations, service, marketing, billing, orders, pricing, and more. 


48. What Salesforce can do?

Salesforce CRM applications provide a platform for managing for sales, service, marketing, and more.

49. What Salesforce instance am i on?

Search for “Company Information” from the setup menu.  This page will list which Instance your org is running on.

50. What Salesforce version do i have?

Search for “Company Information” from the setup menu.  This page will show the version under “Organization Edition”.

51. What Salesforce release am i on?

Go to https://[YOURDOMAIN].lightning.force.com/speedtest.jsp

This will show your server (instance), release, trust status, and connection speed.

52. What Salesforce developer do?

A Salesforce developer will typically develop programmatic solutions using Apex, a Java-like syntax, and Visualforce, an HTML-like syntax.

53. What Salesforce certification should i get?

From an admin background, the first certification most Salesforce professionals get is the Salesforce Certified Administrator.

For Salesforce professionals with a coding/development background, Platform Developer I can be a good place to start.

54. What Salesforce certifications are there?

There are over a dozen certifications available that can be found here: https://trailhead.salesforce.com/credentials/administratoroverview

55. What Salesforce administrators do?

Salesforce administrators wear many hats including declarative configuration, building dashboards and reports, identifying business requirements, and supporting end users.

56. What Salesforce character are you?

I’m a Hacker Astro!

            What about you?


57. What's Salesforce worth?


58. Salesforce what is a lead?

A lead represents a person at a company that has an identified record (name & contact info).  Leads are tracked in Salesforce with the idea that there may be a future business opportunity.


59. Salesforce where is the recycle bin?


60. Salesforce where to find security token?

From your personal settings, enter Reset in the Quick Find box, then select Reset My Security Token. Click Reset Security Token. The new security token is sent to the email address in your Salesforce personal settings.  NOTE: IP Restrictions must be turned off for the Reset Security Token to be available.


61. Salesforce where are attachments stored?

Attachments are stored in their own object.

62. Salesforce where is this field/email template used?

There is a great product I have used and partner with called Strongpoint.  One of my favorite features allows admins to visually navigate through metadata to see where a configuration (such as a field or email template) is used (reports, formulas, validation rules, automation, etc)

63. Salesforce where to find org id?

Search for “Company Information” from the setup menu.  This page will list the Organization ID.

64. Salesforce where to find record type id?

When on the record type under the setup, you can find the record type ID in the url.  This could also be referenced through a formula field and added to the page layout.

65. Salesforce where to view system debug?

Debug logs can be found by searching “Debug” in the setup quick search.  Generating logs will require setting a User Trace Flag from that same screen.


66. Salesforce who sees what lightning?

That depends on profile, permission sets, sharing rules, and role.  Security and visibility is highly customizable.

67. Salesforce who deleted a record?

The recycle bin page displays a column for “Deleted By”.

68. Salesforce who can change the owner of a record?

Users with the “transfer record” permission can change the assigned owner.

69. Salesforce who can reassign approval request?

The assigned approver is able to reassign/delegate the approval to another user.

70. Salesforce who is logged in?

Session Management in the Setup menu will show active session with information such as username and last updated. 

71. Salesforce who owns the data?

Each company owns their own data an is responsible for following any applicable laws and regulations in the management of that data.

72. Salesforce who can delete a record?

Users with the delete permission for the object will be able to delete those records.

73. Salesforce who can manually share records?

Users with access to the record can share records given that the feature is enabled under Sharing Settings, and that the Salesforce Edition is Performance or higher.

74. Salesforce who created process builder?

This can be found in the Salesforce Workbench or using a tool like Strongpoint.  It is not currently visible in the Setup menu.

75. Salesforce who can merge accounts?

Users need edit and delete permissions to merge records.


76. Why Salesforce lightning?

All of the new development is on the Lightning version of Salesforce now.  In 2019, Salesforce will be pushing customers away from Classic to Lighting.

77. Why Salesforce admins drink?

Depends on the admin!










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