Dreamforce 2019 - Convincing Your Employer

Dreamforce 2019 - Convincing Your Employer

Why To Attend

1️⃣ The number one reason to attend Salesforce is to build relationships. There are vendors, peers, hiring managers, job candidates, former colleagues, future colleagues, Salesforce employees, successful business leaders and YOU!

2️⃣Another reason to attend is to gain product knowledge and vision. Did you see that the excel to custom object functionality was just released by Salesforce in the last week? The vision for it was painted last year at Dreamforce.

3️⃣A third way that attending will impact you is by inspiring and energizing.

Still not convinced? Check out this post one of my colleagues, Zack Gibson, wrote: 3 REAL Reasons You Should Go to Dreamforce 2019

How to Convince Your Employer to Send You

Dreamforce 2019 will be the second time I am fortunate for my employer to send me. One question I’ve been asked several times is “How do I convince my employer to send me?”

By Discussing When Offered a Job

The easiest time to have a discussion about attending is before accepting a job offer. In my experience, attending Dreamforce is not usually included as an official benefit in the written job offer, but even an email or verbal conversation at this point will go a long ways towards setting expectations (and the company budget). The conversation might go something like this:

“Thanks for the offer of $$$ for this position. When evaluating an offer, I like to make sure I’m considering the complete picture. I know sending employees to Dreamforce can be expensive, but it’s something I highly value as an opportunity to learn and network. If I accept this offer at $$$, could we plan on the company covering the expense and time for me to attend?”

This approach allows the potential employer to factor the cost into their budget before the cost for the role is truly finalized.

By Highlighting the Value to the Company

There are many ways that sending employees to Dreamforce 2019 can provide value to a company. Companies send hundreds of thousands of employees and the conference just keeps getting bigger, so the question is what value resonates with your company.

❶ Brand Awareness

Even without a sponsoring or having a booth, Dreamforce is an opportunity to meet hundreds, potentially thousands of new people. (Remember, 2018 had over 170k registered attendees.) Time is the only limit on how many new connections and relationships can be made. Exchange business cards, connect on LinkedIn, and take a picture together to help remember faces and names.

❷ Vision and Inspiration

Burnout is real, and there is nothing like a conference with a couple hundred thousand professionals in the Salesforce ohana to remind us why we love Salesforce and how we are transforming the world. An inspired and energized team will be able to accomplish so much more for their company.

❸ Technical Knowledge/Certification

Dreamforce is a great opportunity to learn. There are technical sessions, hands on trailhead, discounted certifications, and opportunities to talk with world’s best Salesforce experts! The more of these the better, right?

Salesforce Certified Administrator
Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator
Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant
Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder

Actually, I believe it should be: the more with the relevant experience, the better — but still, great opportunity to pick up a new cert.

❹ Team Development

Last year, I was working at a company that was geographically spread out and predominately work from home. The trip was a great opportunity to connect in person with the team that I had been working on a large project with.

This year I get to go with my a number of my colleagues at Marketwake, and we will be sharing an AirBnB just a few miles from the Mascone Conference Center. I cannot wait for the adventures and experiences we will get to share!

❺ Employee Retention

Employers offering to send their team can be a huge benefit to the employees and a great reason to stay with that company. After all, there are still many companies with Salesforce professionals that do not see the value.

❻ Company Reputation

Sending employees makes companies look good! It shows that the company:

  • Values Salesforce as a key platform for business success

  • Is successful financially to have the budget/financial margin

  • Trusts employees

  • Values employee professional development

  • Is proud of the company culture and environment

  • Has margin in employee bandwidth (not running behind on deadlines or commitments)

Why would a company say no? It’s a win-win and a great way to attract future Salesforce talent to your company.

The best Salesforce professionals I know look for companies that values Salesforce as a key to business success, not just a CRM tool to manage the sales reps. They are also constantly learning and eager for opportunities to network and develop profession

❼ The ROI

There is also a direct ROI benefit that can be attributed to attending Dreamforce. Salesforce has made it easy to evaluate the ROI with their ROI Calculator.

Backup Options

Become a Speaker

Everyone in the community has a story to share and skills they’ve learned. Consider applying to be a presenter and you’ll received a free full conference pass ( /reimbursement) if selected!


While there will still be travel and lodging expenses, this is a great way to offset $2k of the cost.

Partner with a Vendor

Do you have a good relationship with a vendor you really like? If they are sponsoring a booth, it may be worth a conversation to reach out and see how you can partner together. Consider offering to work a shift at their booth or present a customer testimonial in exchange for some help offsetting the cost of the trip.

Send Yourself

Last and least, in case none of the other options work out this year, there is a good time and professional enrichment to be had a Dreamforce for anyone who loves Salesforce, and the trip could be justified from a personal budget as a combined professional development and vacation trip based on the activities you plan.

How to register:

Now that your’ve convinced your employer to send you or figured out another way to go, get started here and let me know you’re going so we can meet in person!

Register here: https://www.salesforce.com/dreamforce/register/

Let me know on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/knight2413/

Additional Resources

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