Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator - ADM 211 - Exam Tips

Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator - ADM 211 - Exam Tips

During the summer of 2018, I was working at a company implementing a large project that was a remarkable learning experience.  As much as I love trailhead and online courses, hands on experience is the real world is hard to beat in preparation for the Advanced Admin Salesforce certification.

That said, there are a number of great resources online that anyone can use to learn an advanced admin skill set and prepare for the ADM 211 certification exam.  After posting on LinkedIn about passing the ADM 211, a number of people reached out asking for advice and tips, so I thought I would start off this new blog by sharing some of those with you.

Before sharing steps I recommend preparing for the certification exam, I do want to say thank you for everyone in the community who has been so supportive and encouraging.  All the likes and congratulations on LinkedIn help keep the excitement going!

For most certified admins in an active admin role, I would suggest planning for anywhere between 50 and 100 hours of study and practice to prepare for the exam.  Keep reading for the breakdown of hours, but this over all estimate can help set a goal date for the exam, which leads into my first recommendation.

Note - this is not an exam dump and I do not promote the use or sharing of any exam dumps.

Set A Date (1 hour)

"Soon" has a tendency to keep getting further away!  The first step I recommend is setting a date for when you will take the exam.  The exam can be scheduled at a testing center or remotely (my choice!).  

To register, go to the SFDC certification page  and click REGISTER FOR AN EXAM in the upper right.

While you are on that page, go ahead and download and read through the Exam Guide.

Work through the Admin Trails (30 hours)

Likely you will already have completed some of these modules and perhaps even one or two of the trails.  These trails are an ideal starting point for anyone new to a Salesforce Admin role or looking to move into a Salesforce Admin role.

Admin Beginner

Admin Intermediate

Admin Advanced

Work through Mike Wheeler's Udemy Course (10 hours)

Find here:

Advanced Admin Salesforce Cert Trail Mix (50 hours)

Work through this trailmix for a remarkably thorough review of everything covered on the exam.

Note: I did not complete this trailmix in its entirety.  Whether or not you include to complete every module (such as the projects), I do highly recommend reviewing this trailmix and making sure you feel comfortable with each of the topic.

Test Yourself with the Salesforce Ben Practice Exam (5 hours)

You may have noticed there is not an official practice exam for the ADM 211 exam like there is for the ADM 201.  I highly recommend joining the site for access to the practice test:

I personally worked through the practice exam until I was scored in the upper 80s (it took 3 or 4 times).  Take note of areas that you are weaker in especially on your first couple times.


For the sections that you identified as weaker on the practice tests, go back to the trailhead and review those subjects until you feel comfortable.  You will likely be familiar with the particular practice questions by this point, so they may not be as useful as a study tool.


Good Luck!

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