Product Review: Strongpoint

Product Review: Strongpoint

My Experience with Strongpoint

When I got my first job as a full-time Salesforce Administrator, Strongpoint was one of the newest additions to the technology stack, and I was tasked with implementing it. In my use of Strongpoint, most of the features can be grouped in one of three categories: development acceleration, change risk mitigation, and change compliance.

The main priority for implementing Strongpoint initially was to accelerate deployment. Due to extremely tight development timelines, another Salesforce administrator and I decided to “race” deploying the same feature through Strongpoint versus Salesforce’s native change sets. Using Strongpoint, I was able to deploy 26x faster than our other admin who was using a standard change set. (30 minute deployment versus 13 hours between waiting for the change set to upload and waiting for the change set to validate.)

While accelerating deployment through a streamlined tool is extremely valuable under a tight deadline, the feature I would buy Strongpoint for any day in any scenario is the Entity Risk Diagram. Even a screenshot cannot capture the power of this dynamic tool, but imagine this (a real story): After a organization restructure, we decide we need to up the role hierarchy to reflect some of the new changes. As part of the cleanup efforts, we also updated the role names. All of a sudden users are not able to edit data they used to be able to. What went wrong? All I did was update role names! Next, I opened up Strongpoint like I should have from the beginning. I quickly learned that our Salesforce org had over half a dozen validation rules that were dependent on the role name of the running user. These validation rules were written several years earlier and no one knew they were there until we identified them with Strongpoint.

While some companies still just use Salesforce for leads, opportunities, and sales, more and more companies are using Salesforce as underlying platform to run everything in the business from marketing, to sales, to on-boarding, to customer success, to partner programs, to finance, to legal. With this trend, the ability to efficiently monitor, restrict, and, when needed, roll back changes is paramount. As far as I’m aware, there are no other products on the market that solve this need like Strongpoint does.

I had the pleasure of meeting some of the team behind the Strongpoint product at the 2018 Dreamforce conference:

StrongPoint at Dreamforce.jpg

Q & A with Strongpoint CEO, Mark Walker

Whenever I’m reading a product review or watching a demo, I have three questions:

  • What does the product do?

  • Who is this product for?

  • How is this product priced?

In light of these questions, I asked Mark Walker, CEO of Strongpoint, to join the conversation.

What does Strongpoint do?

Mark Walker, CEO

Mark Walker, CEO

Strongpoint helps companies accelerate change in Salesforce (and NetSuite) without sacrificing safety.  To do this we automatically document the system and then use that documentation to assess the risk of a change or planned change.  By making the system easy to understand and routing changes to the simplest safe change process, we help companies get more done with their scarce Salesforce functional and developer resources.

  • Automated Documentation

  • Change Enablement

  • Impact and Risk analysis

  • Security and Compliance Auditing and Rollback

Q. What do you most frequently have to clarify that Strongpoint does not do?

  • Interestingly, the most common thing that people presume we don't do (but we do) is manage change to critical data such as CPQ config tables, products, pricebooks etc.

  • The most common thing that people ask us about that we don't do is Master Data Management

Q. Describe your ideal client

We have customers ranging from small one admin shops to the some of the largest companies on earth.   As you can imagine, they use the product very differently but our pricing is based on the size of the company, so it is accessible to everyone.  After all, we are a relatively small company and we depend on Strongpoint too.   Ideally, though, we look for a company with multiple admins working in parallel, perhaps with some outside consultants who are either struggling with compliance, interested in rolling out safe citizen development or seeking to optimize their SFDC center of excellence.

Q. Who would not see as much value from Strongpoint?

  • Solo Admins who have been with their org since SFDC was first stood up and never go on vacation ;-)

  • Companies who have not significantly customized SFDC

Q. How do you determine pricing?

• Pricing for SFDC customers is based on the size of your production org in terms of users - normally, this results in a cost of a few percentage points of what you are paying for

Do you want to learn more about Strongpoint?

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